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Lettter to His Excellence the President of European Parliament Mr Hans-Gert Pöttering


Your Excellency,

It is with grate joy that I communicate with Your Excellency and I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
The fact of your election as the new President to the European Parliament has created the opportunity to express my estimate and sincere congratulations for your new position in the service of the European people. Your personality is well known not only in Europe but also in all over the political and social world. For so many years you have been actively involved to the common vision for a united European continent in the name of political, economical and social landscape. Coming form the Christian-Democrat background, I am persuaded about your deep knowledge on the European issues as also about your strong faith to God and to the principles and values of the Christian tradition.
Becoming now the President of the MP’s from the 27 member-states of the European Union, you can easily realize the challenging problems in our continent in which we need to develop the spirit of mutual understanding and cooperation for the benefit of all. The need for a Constitution Document, the reinforcement of the integration procedure, the common respect to the diversity of the other, the promoting of the inter-religious dialogue, the strengthening of the internal relations and the integration of the new 12 member-states are some of the burning issues that you need to promote. In this line I can assure you that the Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church of Greece and my humble self we will always support your valuable labor and your actions for the good of each citizen in Europe, with our prayers and with our work to the grassroots for a harmonious society. Into the enormous history of our continent is well presented the role of Christianity in order to maintain the balance in the society and increase the spiritual well being of every human person. For that I deeply believe to the necessity for a reference on the Christian roots and values and for a more substantial collaboration between the EU and the Christian Churches. Not only the integration questions are into the interest of the Christian Churches but also the social huge problems of poverty and peace are a very important domain in which we can work together for more accurate results.
Your Excellency, I do believe that the future of Europe is an issue for every one of us. I do hope that people in our continent will realize the necessity for a more spiritual environment if we want to see a society of peace and love based into the fundamental principles of Christianity, and to live that we will certainly need the active role of the European Christian Churches. At last, please accept once more my sincere congratulations for your new position and I can assure you for my warm prayers to God for a fruitful and abundant Presidency.



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