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About the invitation to visiting the Church of Rome


Protocol No. 169/114

His Holiness,
Pope John Paul II.
Vatican City.

Your Holiness,

We were deeply moved by Your kind letter of 27 November 2003 through which You invite us to visit the Church of Rome in order to receive a portion of the sacred chains with which the Apostle to the Nations, St. Paul, founder of the Church of Athens and co-founder of the Church of Rome, was bound in prison while awaiting martyrdom.

Indeed, we shall be most pleased and honoured to visit Your Holiness, to venerate the tombs of the Protocoryphaioi, to receive from Your Holiness’ hands as a precious treasure, a portion of the sacred chains with which St. Paul was bound and to renew our dialogue and collaboration.

At the present time, however, it is difficult, because of open and pressing ecclesial matters, to specify a specific date for the realisation of this visit, which we plan to make in the future.

Until such time, and far beyond it, may our Lord preserve Your Holiness in unfailing health, and strengthen and guide You in all Your God-pleasing labours.

With sentiments of deep esteem and fraternal love in Christ,

+ C H R I S T O D O U L O S


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