Holy Metropolis of Korinthos, Sikion, Zemenon, Tarsos and Polyfengos 

Krokida 4  
201 00 KORINTHOS  



0030-741-22549 (Metropolitan)  

0030-741-22547 (Secretariat)

The Metropolitan

 His Grace Metropolitan Panteleimon (Karanikolas) was born in 1919 in Kranidi, Ermionida. He studied Theology and he has done postgraduate studies in Britain. During German occupation he was actively involved in the Greek resistance. He was ordained an assistant bishop in 1958. In 1965 he was elected as Metropolitan of Korinthos. He is the writer of many books. In 1990 he was awarded a honor Doctorate by the Department of Theology of the University of Athens.

Institutions/ Foundations

Ecclesiastical Bookstore and Library, School of Byzantine Music and Traditional Dances, Parishes Centers for the youth, Theatrical Team, Orphanage, Blood Bank, Home for the aged.


1.     For monks

·       Saint George in Feneos- Tel: 0747-41226

·       Dormition in Vrachos, Nemea- Tel: 0746-22698

·       Apostole Paul in Gerania -  Tel: 0744-24872

·       Saint Nikolaos in Perachora

·       Resurrection in Loutraki- Tel: 0744-23035

·       Panagia in Kalentzi- Tel: 0741-58223

2.     For nuns

·       Faneromeni in Chiliomodi- Tel: 0741-98294

·       Saint Patapios in Loutraki- Tel: 0744-22496

·       Saint Dimitrios in Stefani-Tel: 0741-94285

·       Saint Nikolaos in Mapso- Tel: 0741-98049

·       Prophet Elias in Zacholi- Tel: 0743-31387

·       Dormition in Lechovi- Tel: 0742-51489 or 26799

·       Saint Vlasios in Trikala- Tel: 0743-91210 or 71222

·       Panagia Koryfis in Kamari- Tel: 0743-22043

·       Saint Marina in Loutraki- Tel: 0744-54519 or 58223


Other monasteries: Ascension- Saint Gerasimos in Perachora (0744-79451), Saints Nikolaos and Theodori, Presentation of Theotokos in Gellinio (0743-24489), Dormition in Kesario, Holy Cross in Mapsos (0741-98040), Saint Charalampos in Kalamaki (0741-49300), Taxiarches in Souli (0742-51315), Saint Nektarios in Vasiliko (0742-24346), Saint Constantine in Gellinio, Prophet Elias in Loutraki (0744-23800).