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0030-1-8013068 or 8086263 (Secretariat)

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The Metropolitan

His Grace Metropolitan Panteleimon (Mpezenitis) was born in the island of Chios. He has studied Theology. He was ordained a deacon in 1961 and a priest in 1963. He has done post-graduate studies in France. He has served as director of Apostoliki Diakonia and warden of its theological hostel. In 1977 he was elected and ordained as bishop of Zakinthos and in 1994 he moved to Attica.

Institutions/ Foundations

"Lirio" Orphanage in the monastery of Holy Trinity in Mati, "Panagia Theoskepasti" home for the aged women in the above-mentioned monastery (Tel: 0294-79240-3), "Holy Trinity" hostel for girls in Saint Filothei monastery in Ekali (Tel: 01-8136094).


"Paremvasi",monthly periodical.


1. For monks

· Paraklitos in Oropos- Tel: 0295-32475

· Saint Panteleimon in Mavrosouvala- Tel: 5013639

· Saint Symeon the New Theologian in Kalamos- Tel: 0295-62545

2. For nuns

· Dormition in Fyli- Tel: 3411314

· Evangelismos in New Makri- Tel: 0294-91202

· Birth of Theotokos in Ano Liosia- Tel: 2460956

· Saint Filothei in Ekali- Tel: 8131369

· Presentation in Markopoulo, Oropos- Tel: 0295-32501

· Holy Trinity in Mati- Tel: 0294-32693

· Saint Theodosios in Agios Stefanos- Tel: 8140445

· Saint Panteleimon in Dionysos- Tel: 8140445

· Panagia Faneromeni in Rodopolis- Tel: 6210760