Holy Metropolis of Kerkyra, Paxoi and Diapontioi Nisoi

Arseniou 1
491 00 KERKYRA
0030-661-39912 (Metropolitan)
0030-661-39409 (Secretariat)

The Metropolitan

His Grace Metropolitan Timotheos (Trivizas) was born in 1939 in Agros, Kerkyra. He studied Theology and he has done postgraduate studies in Britain. He was ordained a deacon in 1962 and a priest in 1967. He served as Chief Secretary of the Holy Synod. He was elected and ordained a bishop in 1984.


"Kerkyraiki Alithia" monthly newspaper.

Institutions/ Foundations

Ecclesiastical Bookstore and Library, School of Byzantine Music and Hagiography, Institution for those suffering chronic ailments, Home for the aged, Camping.


1. For monks

· Myrtidiotissa- Tel: 0661-94301

· Paleokastritsa- Tel: 0661-41210

· Platytera- Tel: 0661-37839

· Ipsilos Pantokrator- Tel: 0661-35969

· Theotokos in Magoulades- Tel: 0663-51354

· Theotokos in Kassiopia- Tel: 0661-33494

· Saint Kiriaki in Kouramades

· Saint Onoufrios in Ropa

2. For nuns

· Saint Dimitrios in Agioi Douli- Tel: 0663-94030

· Saint Efimia- Tel: 0661-39374

· Saints Theodori-Tel: 0661-38223

· Pantokratoras- Tel: 0663-71208

· Theotokos- Tel: 0662-22436

· Saint Paraskevi in Makrades

Other monasteries: Holy Trinity in Klimatia, Theotokos in Chamili, Saint Paraskevi in Kinopiasta, Pantokratoros in Kamarela, Theotokos in Vlachernes (Tel: 0663-22260) and Annunciation.